Music Beyond 2000 is now delighted to offer the following services:

Live Singing, Band, Orchestra & DJ Entertainments for all occasions:- Engagements, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Private, Boat cruises and Dance Parties, Karaoke Fun Nights, Gujarati Garba and Dandia Raas Events, Singing and Live Band for Navratri celebrations, Indian and Bollywood Dancers, Singing of the Indian National Anthem at any occasion and Excellent Sitar and Dhol players.

  • DJ Services include full Bollywood Hindi, Punjabi Bhangra, Popular English Including Pop, RnB, Techno, etc. and any other regional music including Tamil.
  • Vocal and Singing training for all age groups.
  • Provision of Sound Systems for stage shows.
  • Provision of Indian Musical Instruments (Dhol/Sitar/Tabla).
  • Provision of Indian talents/actors/dancers for TV/Films productions.
  • Professional Video shooting for Television Commercials.
  • Professional Digital Photography and video shooting for any function.
  • Event managements including special events and Bollywood concerts.
  • Organization of Stars and Artists from overseas, especially Bollywood.
  • Doing charity shows to help various good community causes.
  • Global performances of Vijay Jogia – Live–In-Concert.
  • We Provide Online Ticketing For Shows And Concerts

Our Services


Acting & Film Production

We are proud to be associated with the film shoot of Mr Abbas and Mr Mastan’s film “Players” recently shot in New Zealand.

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Singing & Live Performance

Having performed 1000’s of live stage shows at various locations throughout the world, we promise to bring ‘live’ into your parties.

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DJ & Entertainment

We provide a wide range of entertainment along with our DJ services. We are equipped with the latest sound systems, speakers,

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Interview with Stars

Over the past years we have worked and performed with a number of Bollywood actors in USA and in Australia.

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